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Frequently Asked Question - Gymcrate


If you haven’t taken our 2-minute crate quiz yet, get involved! In just a few clicks, you can find products that best fit your body, goals and needs.

GymCrate is a monthly sports supplement subscription service. Start by taking our science-based quiz to find out which products suit your goal. Once you have your results and select your flavours, we’ll blend, package and deliver your crate straight to your door on a monthly basis. After the first delivery, we will begin preparing your next crate two weeks in advance so that you’re always topped up. Keep an eye out for your delivery!

Our approach operates much like having a personal online fitness coach. If you’re committed to achieving your fitness aspirations and considering a monthly purchase of protein, creatine and preworkout, we’re here to boost your motivation. Your supplement investment becomes a pledge to prioritize your workouts, ensuring you hit the gym consistently – whether that’s 2 days a week or up to 6 days.

We also bypass the premium prices often found in brick-and-mortar shops, allowing you to access the supplements you require at a more affordable cost. This way, you’re not only committing to your fitness journey but also optimizing your financial investment by obtaining quality products without the unnecessary markups.

We know we don’t stock some of the newer products you can find on other sites. There are two reasons for this. First, we will only ever offer well-researched supplements that are proven by science to actually work. Second, we don’t want to bombard our customers with supplements that have little-to-no benefit or overwhelm them with unnecessary options. By having a select range of proven-to-work supplements, we allow anyone to start their fitness journey right away instead of being stuck, not knowing where to start.

Our whey protein is a by-product of dairy and is suitable for vegetarians. Our creatine and preworkouts are also suitable and recommended for vegetarians since they will help greatly in supplementing for the low supply of creatine and beta-alanine found in standard vegetarian diets. We encourage you to check the ingredients list and email us if you’re unsure about any of our products. We want you to be totally happy with your supplement choices.

To help you find the best products to suit your body, goals and diet, we have designed the GymCrate quiz. It’s short and kinda fun! You’ll answer a few simple questions about your body, training rhythm, goals and current protein intake. Then, you’ll get personalised product recommendations for your custom crate.

GymCrate’s men’s fitness subscription boxes and women’s fitness subscription boxes all include our preworkout, creatine and whey protein powder. Instead of gender-based suggestions, the amounts of each product will depend on how much your body requires depending on your fitness goals. 

Learn more about what we do here.

The products are chosen according to the results of your crate quiz and your preferences. Our quiz will calculate how much of our products your body will need according to your current body weight, fitness regimen and goals.

You can learn more about how these supplements will affect your exercise performance and goals by reading our guides.

You will receive your fitness subscription box once a month with all the goodies you’ll need to stay on track with your goals until the next box arrives!

You can change your preferred products or flavours and adjust the amounts according to your current fitness goals by logging into your account and editing your subscription. Have a look at our available flavours on our online shop.

You’re not locked into anything, so there are plenty of adjustments you can make. Feel free to alter your products or flavours before your next crate ships. If you run into any issues, email the team, and we’ll help you out.

No, our flexible subscription policy allows you to easily cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

We don’t believe in tying you in. Stay as long as you like and feel free to leave whenever it stops being super cool for you!

We try our best to send you the right amount of products every month, but sometimes supplements stack up. Whatever the reason, just message the team, and we’ll pause your account.

Yes, simply let us know by logging into your account on our website and editing your subscription.

Your first crate will arrive within five to seven working days after you check out. Every crate will be prepared two weeks in advance and will arrive on a month-by-month basis. If your crate seems to have gone AWOL, contact us, and we’ll get on the case!

There are two types of whey protein — whey protein isolate (WPI) and whey protein concentrate (WPC). These have varying protein content and different implications for lactose tolerance. 

The cost of our fitness subscription boxes will depend on how much of our products you require every month, but rest assured you are saving money, time and effort when you subscribe.